Who Are We?

This brand is a proposal. A proposal that there exists or could exist or should exist, a modern intellectual woman. What does that mean?

Someone who is differently informed. Someone who values independent thought. As Murakami remarked, "If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking." 

Someone who is broadly curious. Someone who is not boxed in by narrow identities, like "computer geek" or "art freak" or "history nerd." As comforting as these might be, they are characters, not reality. And reality is much more interesting.

Someone who is not afraid of being feminine. Someone who doesn't have to wear jeans or trousers or blazers. Someone who does not have to be "like the boys," but she can when she wants. Someone who can revel in their utter femininity with no shame or timidity. Because they know that a traditionally masculine presentation is not an emblem of seriousness or respect nor is it a badge indicating that you are low maintenance or cool. 

Through our clothes, we try to blend the nerdy with the chic, the feminine with the professorial, the serious with the playful.

We produce locally in NYC in small batches, allowing us to oversee every aspect of production and minimize waste.