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20% off your first order with code WELCOME20
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Sustainability at Candide

Here at Candide, we really love clothes. But ultimately clothes are just clothes, and people should not be suffering so that we can make more clothes. With that in mind, we try to always choose the most sustainable option whenever possible. 

First and foremost, we value ethical labor practices. For this reason, we do all of our production in the United States, in either NYC or LA. This way we can easily visit the factories to be sure of the working conditions, and we can also insure that our factory workers are compensated fairly. 

We also try to use sustainable materials where ever possible, whether that means using natural fibers or recycled fibers. We are not able to use 100% natural or recycled fibers, but we hope as technology improves and the fashion community embraces more sustainability, more sustainable options will become available. 

We will also try to maintain as much transparency as possible, so that you can judge for yourself. In that spirit, here is some more information about our production and fabric sourcing processes.